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The Pursuit of Enhancement Podcast

Each week I sit down for a conversation with those living authentically, the outliers, those breaking out of social constructs, bringing a message of being yourself in a world trying to tell you who to be or that you are not good enough, those that are bringing their message to the world for no other reason than they are compelled to it and they owe it to the world to bring their story forth.

We all have worth and something worth sharing with the world. Through this podcast it is my desire to inspire and stir something within you that will give you the courage to bring your story forth. It’s not easy, it’s scary and nothing is guaranteed. This is why you must do it anyway.

Too often in this world we are held back because we are afraid that it won’t work out. You don’t have to quit your job, you just have to find a way. I hope that through these conversations that you will find a way and find the courage.