How To Live A Life of Passion

How often do you here these statements 'If you work at a job you love you'll never work a day in your life.' or 'Follow your passion.' For some those phrases and similar can be the most annoying and patronising phrases they could here. Why is that? Perhaps it stirs something in them that they … Continue reading How To Live A Life of Passion

Manifesting Your Desires

I love this analogy in relation to the manifestation or creation of your goals, dreams or desires... If you were a sculptor on your first day of sculpting, you would not take a big clump of clay, throw it down on the table and say "Oh it didn't turn out right." You would mould it, … Continue reading Manifesting Your Desires

It’s Never Too Late

The crystal merchant awoke with the day, and felt the same anxiety he felt every morning. He had been in the same place for 30 years...Now it was too late to change anything. There had been a time when many people knew of his shop and he had thought how he would become rich as … Continue reading It’s Never Too Late