Live an Authentic and Extraordinary Life

Are you living an authentic and extraordinary life? In service of something greater than yourself?

Be bold, be adventurous, live life on your terms, be uncompromising and authentic. Devote yourself to something with everything that you have, work super hard, believe in yourself, stick to what you believe in, refuse to compromise, move forward in face of all obstacles, have faith, have the courage to be bold and to make a statement, to stand tall and say this who I am.

The comfort zone is not your friend – Robin Arzon.

To truly be happy and satisfied with life we must help others, serve our fellow man. That is the key.

It is easy to keep doing what you are doing, the rut is easy. Change, improvement, growth; those things are difficult but they are the purpose of life.

We have developed into a world where it has become socially acceptable to do what your told, to shut up, to be a good consumer, go to the mall, drive your car, buy stuff, go to the movies, play video games, eat fast food, anything that will numb you from doing the inside work of finding out what makes you the only you there is.

Investing in your intuition, blazing your own path, these things are daunting. It might be the hardest thing you can imagine doing, like a salmon swimming upstream or setting sail in a stormy sea with a canoe without a paddle.

But it can be the opposite of daunting and difficult. If we perceive it as less about struggle and more about letting go, like a shedding of an old skin, less about fighting but more about surrender, a falling into who you really are. That is what faith is all about, being comfortable that the perilous canoe will carry you in the current of your true life purpose and when the sea settles you find yourself no longer struggling but riding a current effortlessly with your name on it, your personal life purpose. Surrender doesn’t mean giving up, but can be the path to victory. Releasing rather than holding on is the way to become more fully expressed and incredibly powerful.

Adapted from Rich Roll.


Action = Results

There is no ‘Get rich quick’, ‘rapid weight loss’ or ‘overnight success’. Nothing will happen without action.

We live in a World where people want immediate results and gratification; results without the work. People want shortcuts and wishful thinking and are unwilling to admit that success won’t happen by itself.

The self-improvement industry, for example is worth $12 billion a year. People are buying books, listening to audios, attending seminars by the bucket load and it’s getting them nowhere.

Why? Because their not looking for the ‘secrets’ to success. Their looking for the ‘shortcuts’ to success.

They want to get rich with no risks and no money down; they want to lose weight without diet and exercise.

But then the weeks pass and nothing happens. The high wears off and they come back to Earth. Each year the cycle repeats and they’re no better off and perhaps in a worse state than before.

The required step is taking action. Action = Results. Nothing happens without action

There are millions of things out there that will never be realised, that could have improved mankind, brought joy and wonder into people’s lives but never will because no action was taken.

Nothing you do in life will amount to anything unless you take action. Only action can turn your goals into a reality.

Taking action is hard! It’s like Alice in Wonderland when she is really tall and there is this tiny door she can’t fit through. Most people can’t even see the door and those who do may only stare at it.

That is why you must have desire. Without desire you won’t put enough effort into pursuing your goal.

In order to take action you must have clarity, desire, belief and knowledge. And if you still hesitate there is only one reason left. Fear! But more on that another time.

Adapted from ‘Life in Half a Second’ by Matthew Michalewicz

Discovering Your Purpose

What is your dream? Your goal? Your mission?

It is that thing that monopolises your thoughts while you sleep, when you wake up, on the train home, between sets at the gym, when you can think of nothing else, that’s it!

If you are struggling to discover it then think of what do you know but more importantly what do you enjoy? Do what you love and find a way to make money from it.

Once you’ve found it write it down and then map out the milestones to achieve it.

But even then it won’t be easy, there are going to be endless questions, doubts and reasons not to do it. But your dream is not going to go away, it will keep annoying you, nagging at you until you give it the attention it deserves.

Your desire must be like fire in your veins and once you commit there is no turning back. Investing in yourself and backing yourself is the greatest investment and the scariest decision you will ever make.

Things will get hard, and you may want to quit, that is why your desire must be strong. So strong that it won’t let you quit. You must keep going against the fear, keep working through the tasks, crossing off the milestones and telling people about what you’re up to.

You must visualise success before it appears; see yourself doing it, making sales, calendar full, money coming in, whatever success looks like, visualise it.

Spend time with people who have done what you want to do, learn what you need to make it work. The knowledge will empower you, answer questions and remove doubt.

Then before you know it you will be there realising your dream and living it. You will realise all the stress, doubt and worry had been worth it.

Then you will start to think what else can I do? You will find yourself moving from goal to goal.

With each success comes a greater, more ambitious goal – Casey Niestat.