Greatness Comes From Within

Greatness comes from within. From pitting you against you. Onto the greatest version of you.

What if one day you were presented with the greatest version of yourself? That had achieved and done ALL that you are capable of? A look at what you have within you if you are just willing to do what it takes!

But you would still be required to do the work to achieve it. What if, before you started you knew that GREATNESS WAS WITHIN YOU would you go and do the work?

Would you be willing to deal with the struggles, the hardships, the pain of defeat all in the name of achieving what you KNOW is possible.

Would you be willing to do the work? Sometimes the greatest reason for not taking action is fear of failure or not achieving that which you set out to do.

But which would you rather? Aim too high and miss your mark? Aim too low and hit the target? Or never to aim in the first place?

Too many people take the second and third option. But if you are willing to risk the uncommon and the extraordinary by aiming too high even if you miss you will still achieve far greater success than the 2nd and 3rd option.

So always strive for more, for better, for the best of yourself.

Because it will be far more rewarding when you leave this life knowing that you had done all that you could with your talents and abilities. Rather than leaving it knowing that you could have done more.


Live Now! Before It’s Too Late.

I once heard the saying ‘in order to realise your dreams you must first wake up’ but is that really the case?

Dreams only seem strange after you wake up. They don’t seem strange while you are dreaming because you don’t know that you are dreaming until you wake up and re-enter the ”real world”

But isn’t the “real world” just as strange as your strangest dream? Sometimes it is stranger and more bizarre than the strangest of strange dreams.

If life was a dream and you suddenly woke up, would you be happy with your dream? Would you wake up knowing you made the most of it? Or would you wish you had done more? Wishing you had defined your life and goals more clearly? Made the most of your days left? Followed your deepest desires? Believed yourself capable of anything, fearing nothing?

But why not do those things anyway? What reason is there not to? Why not use your half a second to do something extraordinary and do everything you want to? Why not live life like it’s a dream? Why not? Why not? Why NOT? You have everything to gain and nothing to lose!

So live, damn it, live!

Be in a hurry to live. Live each day like it’s a dream. Enjoy life down to the last drop, the last taste, the very last millisecond. Because dream or not you only have limited time; so make the most of your days left, do everything you want to and do it now, before it’s too late, before you ‘wake up’…..

Change Is Hard

Change is hard. But staying the same is harder.

We all have our good and our bad days. But one bad day does not mean you give up on your goals. It does not mean you throw away all the work that you have done up to now. It means you get up. Dust yourself off. You recognise it. And say i won’t let that happen again and you keep moving forward. Be bigger than your excuses. Too many people give up at the first sign of discomfort or the first sign of difficulty. But that’s how it’s going to be. There will be difficult times. Change is hard. But do you know what’s harder.


These bad days are the universes way of testing you to see if it truly means enough to you to keep going. You’ve got to want it bad enough that no matter how many times you might get knocked down you’re willing to get back up and KEEP MOVING FORWARD.

Now go out and work hard, take the good with the bad but just NEVER! GIVE! UP!