Don’t over complicate it!

Don’t get caught up in the hype! Keep it simple.

In today’s society we are constantly bombarded by messages about diet and exercise, food advice, recommended exercise durations, low fat, sugar free, gluten free, 30 minutes a day, an hour a day, vegan, paleo, more carbs, less carbs, what are carbs? ARRGGH!!!

It can all get overwhelming and hard to know what to do. And not only that but we are getting it from more avenues than ever before it’s not just TV, print and radio anymore now there is facebook, twitter, Instagram and more.

It seems that now more than ever in this age of unlimited information that understanding health, diet and exercise is harder than ever.

If you are on twitter, Instagram or Facebook we see so many inspirational messages every day. But it is very easy to tweet, etc. such a platitude, it might get a lot of likes, clicks, shares, retweets, etc. but ultimately it doesn’t mean anything unless you take action.

A lot of people, and you may be included see these and think that’s great but I can’t seem to change or make it work. So I say don’t overcomplicate it or overthink it. Make one small addition to your life that you can do on a daily basis that is going to ultimately lead to great change.

Take it step by step, gradually start to eat a little better, cut down on the snack foods, slowly start to incorporate more exercise into your life, make little incremental changes that eventually will crowd out that which is not serving to make you better and before you know it you will be on your way to a new and improved you.

If you would like more advice or assistance from me on how to make improvements in your life I am a qualified Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach and would love to work with you to helping you achieve your goals.


Take A Mental Diet

If you want to change you’ve got to change your thinking.

As you think, so shall you become – bruce lee.

It’s just as important to feed your brain with good nutrition as it is your body.

If you eat crap food you know the effect this will have in your body. Same goes for the brain. If you put negative thoughts and information in there, how is it going to affect your thoughts?

If your put more positive, uplifting, inspiring input in you will start to elevate your thinking. Slowly you will start to improve your positivity. Your outlook will improve. Your optimism will improve. You’ll start to desire more for yourself and aspire to be more.

And just like training or improving your diet it won’t happen over night. But with consistency it will happen.

When you first wake up in the morning your thoughts and what you read, watch, listen to in the first 20 minutes will set the tone for your day.

So have an inspiring book nearby to read an inspiring passage, watch an inspiring you tube video. Or meditate for a few minutes.

I find meditation allows me to calm the mind in the morning so that I run the day rather than the day running me. It is like pulling back the bow to aim. Then when I finish meditating I let the bow go and my arrow goes for the target. It gives me amazing direction and focus.

Never Give up

Never Give UP

It’s hard to beat someone who never gives up. Are you ready and willing to be that person? Find a dream and a goal that means so much to you that the thought of not reaching it is so excruciatingly painful that you are willing to give every ounce of who you are to achieve it.

Be specific with your goals. Don’t just deal in generalities. If you want to lose weight? Why? What does it mean to you? What is driving you to achieve that? If you want to be successful? Why is that important to you ? Ask it 3 times and you will be closer to the real reason?

And don’t say ‘because i should.’ That is not going to motivate you enough. That is not going to get you out of bed everyday when the alarm goes off. That is not going to keep you going on the days when it’s tough and you want to give up.

Motivation is defined by that which really matters to you. Find something that really matters. Do it for YOU! Not to look like anyone else. Not to be as good as any body else. But to look YOUR best! And to BE YOUR BEST!

You weren’t born to be like any body else. No body else is like you. There is no one alive or gone or that ever will be that is exactly like you.

So believe in yourself. Expect more from and for yourself. Don’t be afraid to set big goals. Don’t worry what others say. That’s their problem.

You’ve got to say I don’t want my life to continue the way it is going and i want the next few years to look drastically different to the last few.

Say I’m going to the top and you’ll either see me dead on the side or waving from the top but I’M. NOT. COMING. BACK!

Health! You owe it to yourself!

Why should you stay fit and healthy? Why should you exercise? Why should you eat well? In today’s busy and hectic world people have gotten so busy working and with being busy they have forgotten how to look after themselves. So the biggest reason we should do any of the things above is because you owe it to yourself and you are too important not too.

“The really important thing is not to live, but to live well” ~ Socrates

But we cannot live well if we do not take care of our bodies

“It is a shame to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which the body is capable.” ~ Socrates

Why go through life just existing. It is more enjoyable to be able to explore all the wonders and amazing things that life has to offer. A life not lived, spent wondering what if or if only is no life at all.

If you get to a point in life where you think you have reached your destination or are happy the way things are that is the time when you need to get up and keep moving again. You should continually seek to grow, learn, expand and change. Whether in home, work, exercise or anything else for that matter.

But ultimately when it comes to health and fitness you have to want it for yourself. No one else can do it for you. You can gather people around you to help you, to guide you and motivate you. But at the end of the day you have to do the work. And it does take work. But you can find enjoyment in the work as well.

I choose to stay fit, healthy and active not just for myself but for those that won’t do it for themselves, to show that it is not that difficult, that with a little bit of work and discipline you can make a huge change.

I am a qualified Personal Trainer. I will help you to get fitter, healthier and happier in a way that is enjoyable and sustainable.

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