Love, Honour and respect

Shocked and Appalled

There’s been a lot in the media recently of harassment cases coming out in Hollywood of various kinds. Truth is we don’t have to look as far afield as Hollywood to find out that it goes on all around us.

I have been appalled to hear accounts of female running friends experiencing harrassment while out running from groups of men in vehicles leaving them frustrated, scared, and I can’t imagine what else, in that situation.

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You Have Come Back Power

Inspired by a Les Brown video on YouTube. If you haven’t seen any of his speeches I recommend you to start watching them. You will feel incredible. I’ve included the clip at the end of this post.

Come Back Power

No matter how hard life has been up to now. No matter how many times you have been knocked down. You have come back power. There is a power in you that is stronger than any power out there. Continue reading “You Have Come Back Power”

Drop Negativity and Save the World

Could the unconsciousness of the masses be causing chaos to the planet?

It seems lately that every time you turn on the news that there is some new natural disaster or tragic event (I don’t actually have a TV or watch the news but with social media it is hard to be completely removed from it all)

Is it possible that so much of this is caused by the vast majority of people being unconscious to their thoughts and emotions and letting the thoughts in their mind consume them rather than listening to their intuition and their in-built guidance system?

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Is your body a garden or a graveyard?

Food as a portal to self-actualisation

I saw this post  on instagram posted by from the makers of What The Health.

It got me thinking, as I often do, about the importance of eating well and how it is not only beneficial for our physical health but for our mental and spiritual health as well.

If, like me, you are on a spiritual path or a journey of self-discovery you may have discovered that what you eat is a big factor in your development. If you haven’t you may want to consider addressing it.

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Movement as a portal to enlightenment

What do a ballet dancer, an MMA fighter, and a basketball player have in common?

They are all MOVERS.

“We are all HUMAN first, MOVERS second and only then SPECIALISTS.” – Ido Portal.

As simple as that might sound, it is the absolute truth. We all move, it’s just how nature intended it to be, some of us are just better or worse at it. Our modern lifestyle has depleted us of the need to move very much. A couple of centuries ago, getting basic things such as food or water, required some serious physical work. Today, convenience has become our God, but also one of our greatest enemies. We overuse chairs; we drive instead of walking, and the neglecting of our physicality is the main culprit of many of today’s health problems. The importance of movement has been diminished.

These words are from movement practitioner Ido Portal. I’ve watched Ido before but more so recently due to his connection with MMA/UFC fighter Conor McGregor. I was captivated by the dominion which Ido holds over his body and his ability to manipulate and mould it. As I watched more I became fascinated by his philosophies surrounding movement.

I have always been involved in health and fitness is some form or other be it football, basketball, running, swimming, etc. I was never talented at anything but was always a hard worker. I always felt that the key to improved performance wouldn’t come in the form of more training but by unlocking the keys that were already in me. This is why I was so compelled by Ido’s practice, it seemed to be the answer I was looking for.

Through out my fitness lifetime I became more interested in movement itself rather than in individual sports. So I pursued yoga and pilates and anything else that would help to free up my body to be able to mover better, which in turn would make me better at whatever sport I chose to pursue.

I just finished watching a documentary on Ido Portal by London Real. I gained further insight and knowledge from Ido and Brian in this movie.

Ido speaks often of Fear and it’s importance in our lives he says ‘It is uncomfortable. Pain and discomfort is where the gold is, but we go with the pleasure. Where fear resides this is where real growth is. Discomfort and pain is part of it.’

That is to say that we need to have fear, pain and discomfort in our lives if we wish to grow. We should not expose ourselves to too much fear at once because that will paralyse us, but just a little at a time and slowly but surely what was once fearful is now possible.

ido blog title

So why is movement so important or why should we move? Because we can. We are made to move but yet everything about our modern lives is designed to induce as little movement as possible. Sleep in your comfortable bed, drive your comfortable car, get the lift instead of taking the stairs, watch tv on your soft couch. It’s all designed to keep comfortable with the guise that it will make us happy but it never does. To refer back to Ido’s words above where he says ‘we go with the pleasure’ but the pleasure never truly makes us happy. Or if it does it is only momentary or fleeting then it is gone and we are onto the next thing that will make our lives more ‘comfortable’ or ‘pleasurable.’

But movement however, that is happiness in itself. You feel happier just through the act of movement. So that is why you should move more, because you can. Someday the day may come where you can no longer move due to old age, degradation or an accident and you wish you could get that movement back, but you can’t.

Through movement we learn more about ourselves, where we have pain, where we have tightness, what needs to be worked on and from that you have something to work on that gives ongoing pleasure and happiness that is infinite. You may even discover skills and abilities that you never knew you had.

Brian sums it up excellently in his closing remarks of the movie ‘Movement makes us human, it connects us to our higher self. Movement is life. You might say, this is not for me, but you have a body, right? You know what to do. Just move.’

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Love is what we are born with.

We live in a fear based society. Media and marketing thrive off it and willing expedite it.

Fear of terror.
Fear of not having the right clothes.
Fear of not looking a certain way.
Fear of not getting the right grades.
Fear of not getting into the right school.
Fear of not getting the right job.
Fear of not having a certain social status by a certain age.

Whatever it may be, it is all fear based and it is what is stopping us from being who we truly are.

We are born as pure beacons of love and we must return to that if we wish to end this cycle of fear and to bring the human race to the next stage of evolution.

Fear and love have to very different vibrations that we feel within us. You may not be aware of it. But you feel it. The next time you see the news or an ad that is bad news or makes you feel less that adequate notice the feeling within you.

Then watch something that is pure positive joy, a child laughing or cute animal photo perhaps. Notice the different feeling of that within you. That is the feeling that we must constantly strive for. That ‘Feeling’ will then determine your actions for they will always be in alignment with that.

CE Love

When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace. – Jimi Hendrix.

This is not just some nice quote to say, oh that’s nice and that’s idealistic and then return to whatever it is that we were doing.

This is the biggest truth that there is.

If we love ourselves exactly as we are, if we others exactly for who they are, not just if they meet certain parameters that makes them worth of loving and only until they continue to meet those parameters after which your love for them will change.

No! Love them in the complete unconditional sense of the word. For no other than they are a person and they are worthy and deserving of love, and so are you.

If we do that we take the power away from the fear mongers that only seek to control us, profit from us and manipulate us.

If we continue to search for that pure positive feeling I mentioned before then we will move away from the fear and they will have no control over us because we will choose to simply not focus on it. For what you focus on expands. Therefore the more you focus on pure positive feelings and actions thus it will expand.

With that we raise ourselves up and out of this quagmire of despair and dread that seems to be pervasive in society.

To quote Yoda ‘You must unlearn what you have learned.’

The fear mentality has been handed down to us from generation to generation by people who didn’t know they were doing because it was what they knew. But now that we know better we must do better with this new information.

You don’t need to wait for anyone else to tell you the steps to take or when to take them. You can do this for yourself starting right now and everyday for the rest of your life. As you do more will do the same and so it goes. One by one we can change the world.

Thank you Collective Evolution for the photo.

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Life is the moment. Right now! That’s all there is.

I recently listened to the Joe Rogan Experience #642 with Ultra-endurance athlete Rich Roll. The discussed a myriad of topics each of which is worthy of it’s own blog. One part that really stuck out for me is where they talk about the bizarre concept that is ‘The Rat Race’

Joe Rogan can be a controversial guy but very often he speaks a lot of truth here. I resonated very strongly with Joe’s sentiments in this.

As he explains the Rat Race is you spending your time doing things you don’t want to do.

He goes on to explain that our time on Earth is short, this race is going to end and the disappointment that comes with not achieving the happiness we thought we had been promised by doing the right thing, working hard and retiring later. But this is not the case.

Rich elaborates ‘It’s the idea that you’re going to arrive at some point, or land in this destination that is called success or happiness’ which turns out to be an illusion. This leads Rich to consider the questions of ‘What does your life mean? What do you stand for? and what is your legacy?…If I die today what did I leave in my wake?’

Joe is not so concerned about legacy or what we leave behind; ‘The bottom line is, whatever you leave it’s not gonna matter, it’ll matter to some people you know, and they’re gonna leave too. Everyone’s gona’ leave.’

And here comes the kicker, what really matters he adds is ‘Are you enjoying this, are you enjoying the moment? Don’t work towards this ultimate point where you don’t do anything anymore, that’s ridiculous. What you should work towards is to enjoy what you are doing right now and enjoying your life right now.’

Be with the ones you love, do the things you want to do, go on those adventures, complete those creative project, ‘Life is the moment. Right now! That’s all there is.’

In life, as Joe explains we seem to have these milestones upon which we should deem our life a success or should impart happiness for having achieved them (high school graduation, college graduation, good job, marriage, children, etc). To this he says ‘They’re not real, they’re social constructs, we’ve created these social constructs, we’ve fed into them and passed them down from generation to generation without anyone stepping back and asking, who set this up? why is this way?’

His final remark is ‘We are just biological organisms trying to have has much happiness and good feelings while we’re here as we can.’

So after reading and listening to all that what should we take away or what can be done?

Get out there and get after it. Be with the ones you want to be with, spend time doing the things you want to do.

Live a life by design not by default. Live a life that has you jumping out of bed in the morning, not one that you have to drag yourself through with the only things to look forward to are your morning coffee or crashing down on the couch in the evening.

If you aren’t living your life consciously, feeling like your on a never ending treadmill, maybe it’s time to start making some changes in your life to take control. You have the power to do that.

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To struggle is to be alive

As I listened to the intro to The Rich Roll Podcast Episode 115 I was struck by the phrase ‘To struggle, is to be alive’

This podcast features the host Rich Roll and the legendary Dean Karnazes.

Dean Karnazes is an Ultrarunner but if you’re not into running you can still gain a lot by listening to his story. The greatest part of his story, personally, is about is awakening and lust for life. At the age of 30 caught up in the throws of corporate America he decided to take his life back. He started to evaluate his life on a different success scale and asked himself did he like the life he had and was it what he really wanted. Ultimately the answer was no.

To struggleis to bealive

He was living a life that he felt is the life story that we are spun and supposed to aspire too i.e. finish school, go to uni, get a job, work 5 days a week for 50 weeks a year til your 65 or 70, then you will have earned the right to live life the way you want to.

But Dean no longer accepted that. I won’t go into detail here on the nitty critty of what that looked like for him, you can read about it in his books.

Dean and Rich’s words resonate so much with me whenever I listen to them speaking. I, like Dean have had that awakening of no longer accepting or feeling to be a part of the common rhetoric I mentioned above. Yes we have to work and make money to live in this World but there are ways to do that are more in line with your values and that allow you to live life on your terms. You can get up when you want, you can structure your day as you want, you can choose to do the things that interest you rather than just because ‘it’s your job.’

So back to the podcast and what I got out of it.

As Rich himself often says growth is not only necessary, it is our mandate. It is what we are put here on this earth to do.

Too much of what surrounds us is there to keep is a state of apathy and mild sedation. From the TV and media we watch and listen to, to the foods that are consumed en masse that have no benefit to our health or our development.

If we are not growing, not striving, not struggling on a daily basis then what is the point?

By struggle I mean holding yourself accountable to a greater version and working on that. I don’t mean it in the sense that you don’t have enough money to pay bills or put food on the table or anything like that. I mean pushing beyond you comfort zone and testing your limits regularly.

Be mindful of what you consume in media and in food for it all has an impact on our development. If you want to be better, choose better.

I never want to live a life that is comfortable or mundane. I will always strive to challenge myself and work for more. I don’t want to live the same year 90 times and call it a life.

‘Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.’
-Dylan Thomas

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Be an encourager.

In a world that we are more and more led to believe is a big, bad, dark place let’s spread the word of peace, love and light.

While the media likes to portray that there are forces out there that want to divide us in fear. Let us unite against it in love.

Look for reasons to encourage and uplift those around you.

Be an encourager
Complement a stranger. Perform an act of kindness for no other reason than it is the right thing to do.

At our core we are all kind, compassionate beings, capable of great love and deserving of the same.

Let us celebrate and perpetuate that message and in turn we will bring light to the darkness.

Be the light you want to see in the world. Together we can turn things around.


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